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What's New?

This page lists the changes in each version of ShellEnhancer.



 New Features

  • The SE tray menu now contains a "Switch To This Window" for each window displayed in that menu.
  • When minimizing/restoring windows to/from the system tray, SE now correctly plays the system sound for minimizing and restoring windows if those are configured.
  • When hotkeys for tasks collide, the tasks giving the error will be disabled automatically.
  • When SE now crashes, simply restart SE and it will detect and restore previously minimized-to-tray windows.
  • New features for the Enhanced Alt+Tab TaskSwitcher:
    • Live Preview: this feature will continuously update the little preview in the Enhanced Alt+Tab Taskswitcher with a user definable update frequency. (experimental feature)
    • Since generating the previews in the Enhanced Alt+Tab Taskswitcher works fast enough with any modern PC, the default delay for generating the preview has been lowered from 250ms to 50ms. NOTE: on most modern PC's, this can even be lowered to 0ms, to have almost instant previews in the Enhanced Alt+Tab Taskswitcher.
    • Option to sort the list alphabetically.
    • Option to show executable name.
    • Option to show shadow around taskswitcher.
    • You can now press the first letter to jump to that window in list.
    • Option to show the TaskSwitcher on the monitor where the mouse is at that time.
    • Option to display the application icon in the top-left corner of the TaskSwitcher window.
    • Removed the note text.
    • Option to display 32x32 icons in list mode.
    • Option to select the text or only the icon in list mode.
  • New features for the Mosaic TaskSwitcher:
    • Render a transparent rectangle in mosaic behind text to make text better readable.
    • Mouse tracking selection.
    • User configurable selection border width.
    • Option to show name of application at all times, not just in tooltips.
    • Keyboard support.
    • Option to scale the Mosaic window.
  • Mini-taskswitcher:
    • Is a new command that can be assigned to a task and thus for example to a mouse gesture.
    • Windows are sorted alphabetically.
    • Keyboard support to move between windows.
    • Press first letter and jump to that window in list.
  • Full Unicode support (Chinese, Japanese, ... characters are examples of Unicode characters)
    • Correctly shows Unicode characters everywhere in ShellEnhancer: in the OSD, in the Enhanced Alt+Tab dialog, as tasknames... as long as the correct fonts are configured in Windows.
    • Running in Windows XP native Unicode mode.
    • NOTE: Unicode characters require that you have unicode fonts installed on your system.
  • New features for the OSD:
    • Anti-aliased OSD.
    • User configurable border around OSD text.
    • User selectable font and option for bold and italic.
    • Option to change position: center, 4 corners, 4 sides.
    • Option to change spacing between screen border and the text.
  • Option to minimize a window to the system tray when middle-clicking on the minimize button of a window.
  • Option to allow double click on tray-icons to restore "minimized-to-tray" windows instead of single click.
  • A hotkey which will display a popup menu with all "minimized-to-tray" windows to quickly restore a window from the tray.
  • Option to draw mouse gesture trails on screen.
  • Option to use middle mouse button or right mouse button to resize windows with the X-Window moving/resizing feature.
  • Option to specify a window position and window size for automanaged windows.
  • Improved mouse gestures so that it doesn't detect clicks (middle/right) as gestures.
    Only start recognizing gestures when you click the button AND start moving the mouse.
  • New option for Auto-Roll-Down feature: auto roll-up window again when the mouse leaves the titlebar OR when the mouse leaves the entire window.
  • Option to allow double click on title bar to rollup.
  • Option to add "min to tray" to windows/system menus.
  • Added a "Duplicate task" in task editor.
  • Task editor: double click opens properties; single click on + sign now expands the item.
  • "Check latest version" feature.

 New Task Commands

  • A "Center window" task command to allow screencorner, mouse gesture, hotkeys, ... to center the active window.
  • A "Hide/Show Desktop Icons" task command.
  • A "Close window" task command to allow screencorner, mouse gesture, hotkeys, ... to close the active window.
  • An Open Explorer task command with optional specific folder + option to set root of tree.
  • A mute/unmute Windows sound task command.
  • A rollup/rolldown active window task command.

 Bug Fixes

  • Possible fix for "The Enhanced Alt+Tab Taskswitcher sometimes stayed open when switching to a window."
  • Possible fix for "The Enhanced Alt+Tab Taskswitcher sometimes left the ALT sticking"
  • Increased the performance of the Enhanced Alt+Tab TaskSwitcher: once a preview has been generated it will be shown much more quickly.
  • Tried to get rid of the "black rectangles" as much as possible in the previews in the Enhanced Alt+Tab TaskSwitcher and Mosaic TaskSwitcher.
  • Tweaked the "Switching to another window" implementation (for example for Enhanced Alt+Tab TaskSwitcher, Mosaic TaskSwitcher ...)
  • The "Shell enhanced application" feature could not always be disabled depending on other settings in SE.
  • Added mnemonics to dialogs.
  • "Run" task command dialog tab order is wrong.
  • Up and down arrows in Reorder Taskbar Buttons dialog should have focus rectangles when the buttons have keyboard focus.
  • Taborder in Reorder Taskbar Buttons dialog is not working correctly.
  • Default tasks file converted to Unicode.
  • On the welcome screen when you start SE for the first time, a small explanation is given about how to use the system tray icon.
  • When using the "Run and wait for idle" and "Run and wait for termination" commands a warning is now shown when you enter an application that doesn't end on .exe or .com because in that case the wait for idle or wait for termination does not work.
  • When you right clicked in Windows Explorer on the ShellEnhancer installation executable, the version was
  • The "Reduce flickering..." warning was almost never shown when enabled
  • OSD position issues
  • When Rollup is disabled in the SE settings, the rollup item in the system menu (windows menus) is also disabled.
  • Firefox menus and MS Office 2007 menus were not transparent when menu transparency was enabled.
  • Reorder TaskBar Buttons often didn't display the correct order for the taskbar buttons.
  • When changing mouse gesture settings (button/deadkey), one needed to close the manage task window before they take effect.
  • Alt+Shift+Tab didn't work correctly the first time to open the Enhanced Alt+Tab Taskswitcher window.
  • Windows that had been position-locked could not be minimized.
  • <CSS> in window title would cause Enhanced Alt+Tab TaskSwitcher to interpret that as a color tag.
  • A window which can't normally be minimized could be minimized with a minimize task.
    When this was done, it was impossible to restore the window.
  • The SE settings window could be opened multiple times.
  • Use %ProgramFiles% instead of hardcoded "c:\Program Files" in installation program.
  • Restore "minimized-to-tray" windows: if done too fast -> reentry of code -> crash in vector
  • Don't pass-through mouse move events when drawing a mouse gesture.
  • Mouse gesture only worked within the window where the gesture was started.
  • Lotus Notes: only 1 letter in title bars. (unicode bug)
  • You could press enter when the child dialog of a wizard had focus which would close the child dialog, but not the wizard dialog.
  • When a window is rolled-up now it is only rolled-up once the mouse leaves the window, otherwise you get the following: When the window is rolled-up, it immediately rolls-up, then down (because you are still in the window)
  • When moving the (pen) mouse quickly out of (any window with enabled rollup) the window does not roll up, but when entering the (not rolled up window) it rolls up!
  • When resizing X-style and (just) having enabled rollup the contents of the window (e.g. windows explorer) does not size: only the area surrounded by the border will be larger, but the e.g. the statusbar remains the same size & position.
  • When using the Maxthon (formerly MYIE2) browser, the window rolls up when hovering the mouse from the toolbars into the tabs area and browser view part.
  • Windows TaskManager refresh-timer sometimes stopped refreshing.
  • After changing tasks in ShellEnhancer, the tasks are saved automatically when closing the Manage Tasks dialog.
  • Redraw bug with SE and photoshop: canvas wasn't redrawn properly when you drew something on it.
  • Expand/collapse all tasks in "Manage tasks" was slow with lots of tasks.
  • Enhanced Alt+Tab Taskswitcher didn't work correctly with large fonts, things are falling of the window.
  • Due to a rewrite of the ShellEnhancer backend, the following reported crashes are fixed:
    • Closing winamp caused winamp to close windows but stay running in the background. This required a kill process from the taskmanager and thus winamp playlist settings were lost.
    • Foxmail crashed when closing foxmail.
    • When NotesHolder 1.32 was running with auto-hide on the side of the screen on, and then try to close it via the systray, it crashed.
    • Newsleecher.
    • Lots of Java applications (FreeMind, WebMethods). They started just fine but when one started to work with them, they suddenly closed.
    • "Explorer Plus"
    • Syn Text Editor crashed on program close with SE enabled.
    • On windows XP SP1 the ShellEnhancer prevented some programs to close & cause an error.
    • On Windows XP SP2 the program stays in the background using the CPU. The programs that behaved this way are Ashampoo UnInstaller,no-ip DUC & TUGzip.
    • HDD health crashed when closing it.
    • Cookiemonster' crashed when closing it.
    • QuickTime PictureViewer (6.5.1 pro) shuts down immediately if SE is running. This occured consistently under a Power User account but only sporadically when running as an Administrator.
    • While running SE under an account that's a member of the Power Users group some applications didn't shut down cleanly. This was noticed with SpamEater Pro 4, GhostTyper XML Professional, LIUtilities WinTasks 5 and EventCorder Suite's scheduler application.
    • DreamWeaver MX 2004 seemed to lock up sometimes.
    • With any MS Office or MS App, save-as caused errors with app and doc was not saved. Also noticed that some of the popup windows for MS Apps, particularly Word Customize toolbar, did not close and stopped the app from responding.
    • Talking Dictionary PDA software.
  • Playing QT animation or video didn't work.
  • The gesture dialog was not clear: explain that the user has to click in the second column to select a task.
    Also added "..." to make it more clear the user has to click it.
  • The mouse-corner-action should use the corners of the entire desktop, taking multi monitors into account.
  • Enhanced Alt+Tab Taskswitcher: wrongly focussed window when window has a dialog open.
  • Fixed some serious issues with the Shell Enhanced Applications feature when applied to for example Windows Explorer:
    • When fullrow select was activated, sometimes part of the selection wouldn't be redrawn when an item was un-selected.
    • The info-tooltips didn't work when hovering a folder/file in the fileview in Explorer.
    • The selection rectangle wasn't drawn translucent anymore on XP.
  • When a window is minimized normally, MinToTray last visible window will restore this 'normally' minimized window.
  • Save the Settings immediately when closing the Settings-dialog.
  • Apply-button in settings window didn't move when resizing window.
  • Outlook xp/2003 address book could only be showed once.

Version 2.0 Beta

 New Features

  • Option to display desktop wallpaper as background for Mosaic-TaskSwitcher.
  • Show an On Screen Display (= OSD) when executing a ShellEnhancer task, to give visual feedback of what is happening.
  • Mouse Gestures: Run a ShellEnhancer task with a mouse gesture.
  • An "Apply"-button in the settings window.
  • The window fading system now works time- and step-based.
  • When a window is auto-managed, clicking on the "Auto Manage..." system-menu-item will allow you to edit the auto-managed rule instead of deleting that rule.
  • A new Auto-Managed-Window option: make window fully opaque when it is maximized.
  • Ability to add the currently selected text in the currently active window as parameter to a Run-command in a task. This feature can be used to make a ShellEnhancer task which will open the selected web address in the active application with Internet Explorer when you press a hotkey. This feature can also be used to make a hotkey that will open the currently selected file with a program (for example notepad).
  • You can also use X-Window style moving to move any popup menu. Of course, this only works when the X-Window hotkey is not ALT!
  • Rollup windows (only show title bar of a window)
    Also, option to unroll window when hovering mouse above titlebar.
  • Change transparency of a window when hovering above a window-button (close-, minimize- and maximize-buttons).
  • Lock window position (Press CONTROL to override temporarily).
  • Truncate window titles in ShellEnhancer menu to user defined length.
  • Enhanced Alt+Tab TaskSwitcher Changes:
    • Ability to scroll through the icons with the mousewheel.
    • Truncate window titles to user defined length.
    • Option to hide the banner in Enhanced TaskSwitcher when visual styles are not used.
    • Option to display Alt+Tab tasks as a "list" rather than icons
    • Option to change the font-size of the text.
    • Delay for Enhanced TaskSwitcher preview generation.
  • Change taskbar transparency when mouse is hovering above it.
  • Show system/window menu when right clicking on tray icon of window that is minimized to system tray.
  • Option to allow left click on ShellEnhancer tray icon to open settings window instead of menu.
  • Change the order/visibility of the extra menu items in the system/window menus
  • Priority submenu in system/window menus: changes priority of that process.
  • Reorder Windows taskbar buttons + hotkey for this.
  • Add default tasks files containing: maximize, minimize window, run explorer...
  • Add "Run Task Now" button in tasks window.
  • Run a task when mouse is in a corner of the screen.
  • Hide Windows desktop icons when the mouse is not hovering the desktop.
  • Always hide Windows desktop icons.
  • Import tasks files.
  • Added option "Always use XP-style menus": Uses XP style menus on all operating systems.
  • Change transparency of a window via user-definable hotkeys (For example, Alt+Shift+#, where # runs from 0, no transparency to 9, 90% transparent).

 New Task Commands

  • Show Mosaic-TaskSwitcher.
  • Screensaver blocker: blocks screensaving/powersaving.
  • Copy, delete and move files from source to destination, including support for recursive operations + show warning with summary before copy.
  • Toggle Desktop.
  • A confirmation dialog: Dialog gives a summary of the task you will be running and YES/NO button. When you click yes, the rest of the task is executed, otherwise it is aborted.
  • Create a Windows System Restore Point.

 Bug Fixes

  • ShellEnhancer backend is rewritten from scratch and because of this the nasty "Serious error" messages that sometimes popped up are gone.
  • Only 1 instance of ShellEnhancer could be started for a given user. Now, 1 ShellEnhancer instance can be started for each desktop of the user.
  • Sometimes ShellEnhancer crashed when click-dragging-middle-mouse-button in hotkey task manager.
  • Wizards: the image on the first page on the left wasn't scaled properly with hi-res fonts.
  • For some windows, the wrong small-icon was extracted to be displayed in the ShellEnhancer menu.
  • The ShellEnhancer registration system sometimes gave DNS errors.
  • Sometimes the message "Unable to detach the input threads" would appear while running a task.
  • Some features were not working on Windows 'Longhorn'.
  • When ShellEnhancer was running, some applications crashed while starting.
  • With X-Window Style moving/resizing and a moving transparency or resizing transparency, clicking one of the items on the window taskbar with the hotkey causes the whole taskbar to become slightly [more] transparent.
  • Minimize To Tray should now work with more windows.
  • Register dialog is not shown on first start of ShellEnhancer.
  • X-Window moving/resizing didn't work when above a scrollbar or other non-client part of the window.
  • An error message was shown when you pressed F1 in a dialog without a help-button.
  • When you had a hotkey task to minimize active window to the system tray and you pressed that hotkey while the Windows taskbar had focus, the whole windows taskbar would disappear.
  • Hitting delete in "Manage Hotkey Tasks" did not work.
  • With X-Window resizing you could resize Windows Explorer to 0x0, and when you released the X-hotkey, you couldn't get explorer back.
  • The text boxes in bugreport/registration did not wrap and no horizontal scrollbar was shown!
  • Settings window was a bit small.
  • When using the iSkin theme for WindowBlinds 3.3 the Enhanced TaskSwitcher didn't not work. There was no error message and Alt+Tab still worked, just was not displayed.
  • F12 is not allowed anymore as a hotkey, because Windows programming guidelines prohibit using F12.
  • Unchecking "Add menu items to the system/window menu of each window" didn't seem to have any effect.
  • "Zoom Player" windows were not shown in Alt+Tab/Mosaic unless they were minimized.
  • When you assigned a hotkey to the Enhanced TaskSwitcher, the hotkey didn't work unless "Replace Windows Alt+Tab TaskSwitcher" was checked.
  • Mosaic-Hotkey sometimes showed the mosaic and immediately closed it.
  • Crash when using Mosaic TaskSwitcher as Alt+Tab TaskSwitcher and pressing Alt+Tab twice fast.

Version 1.0 Beta

  • First public beta release.
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